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Primary function is medical response and to carry equipment and personnel to a fire scene. Equipped with hand and power tools, fire extinguishers, and medical equpiment.

CCFD Units

Rescue 1

Rescue 2

Rescue 3

Rescue 4

Rescue 5

Rescue 6


CCFD Units

Engine 2

Engine 3

Engine 5

Engine 8

Engine 9

Engine 10

Engine 11

Water: 1,000 gallons     Foam: 30 gallons     Hose: 2,000 feet

Primary function is fire suppression and also response to motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and quick water rescues.


Many of the same capabilities as an engine but with the addition of a 75' aerial ladder for fire attack, ventilation, and elevated rescues.

CCFD Units

Ladder 1

Ladder 6

Ladder 7

Water: 470 gallons     Foam: 30 gallons     Hose: 2,000 feet


Has 100' aerial ladder with a platform or "bucket" for carrying firefighters and equipment for elevated rescues and fire attacks. Also carries additional ground ladders, ventilation equipment, and specialty rescue tools.

CCFD Units

Truck 4

Water: 370 gallons     Foam: 30 gallons     Hose: 1,750 feet


Functions as a mobile command post. Equipped with tools and technology to assist in the management of emergency scenes.

CCFD Units

Battalion 1

Battalion 2


Has 4-wheel drive capabilities to respond to fires in wildland areas.

CCFD Units

Brush 3

Brush 5

Brush 7

Brush 11

Water: 390 gallons     Foam: 10 gallons     Hose: 150 feet


Performs fire suppression, dive rescue, and large area searches on the water.

CCFD Units

Marine 1

Marine 3

Marine 7


Carries specialized equipment and tools to assist in identifying, containing, and mitigating hazardous materials emergencies.

CCFD Units

Hazmat 8


Primary function is to carry water to a fire scene when there are no hydrants in the area.

CCFD Units

Tender 5

Water: 3,000 gallons