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Residential Structure Fire

Interested in becoming a Cape Coral Firefighter? Click here for more information.


Firefighters are responsible for the protection of life and property. This is accomplished through suppression of fires, rescuing persons from danger, emergency medical care, mitigation of hazards, and marine/dive operations. Work is usually performed under adverse conditions and requires the use of sound judgment and the ability to make rational decisions under stressful or emergency circumstances.


Fire Engineer/Drivers are trained and proficient in all aspects of fire science, however, their primary duties are the management of assigned apparatus and equipment. Engineers have the responsibility of safely driving emergency vehicles to incidents, performing hydraulic calculations for pumping water used for suppression, and the readiness and operation of all equipment on the apparatus.

Fire Engineer/Driver

Fire Lieutenants provide front-line supervision of daily operations of their assigned station using considerable latitude in decision-making, initiative, and leadership under the guidance of the mission and core values of the Department. Lieutenants are also in command on scene of an emergency until the arrival of a chief officer, as dictated by the incident.

Fire Lieutenant

Fire Battalion Chief is perhaps the most crucial position for the daily operation of the Department. Operations Battalion Chiefs oversee fire stations in the north or south areas of the City and must function at the highest level to assure the efficiency and safety of all those in their battalion. They also serve as the incident commander on scene of emergencies. Battalion Chiefs assigned to other Department divisions administratively direct essential programs such as training, EMS, special operations, logistics, or administration.

Fire Battalion Chief

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