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Fire Investigators

Fireworks Safety

  • Obey all local laws.

    • Florida law prohibits any firework that flies through the air or explodes, such as Roman candles, bottle rockets and mortars, from being used for recreational purposes.

    • However, Florida Statute Section 791.08 states that the following designated holidays are exempt and that the use of above fireworks are permitted for recreational use on these days: 

      • New Year’s Eve, December 31

      • New Year’s Day, January 1

      • Independence Day, July 4

    • Florida Statute Section 791.08​​ also prohibits any change in current municipal ordinances for fireworks.

    • It is allowable for fireworks that fly through the air or explode to be used to scare off birds from farms or fish hatcheries, which is the statement consumers sign when they purchase fireworks.


  • Use consumer fireworks responsibly.


  • Keep fireworks away from children and never give fireworks to children.


  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. 


  • Only use fireworks outdoors.


  • Keep fireworks away from buildings and vehicles.


  • Never assume a firework is a “dud." Wait 20 minutes then collect firework and soak in a bucket of water.


  • Never relight a firework that did not work.


  • Never hold fireworks in your hands when lighting.


  • Do not shoot fireworks from glass bottles or metal containers.


  • Read the instructions before lighting any fireworks.


  • Fireworks are an explosive and will cause damage to your body.


  • Light one firework at a time.


  • Never keep fireworks in your pocket.


  • Have a bucket of water and a charged water line near by.


  • Never try to create homemade fireworks.


  • Be cautious.


  • Be prepared.


  • Be safe.


  • Enjoy the event.


The Cape Coral Fire Department is responsible for the permitting and inspection related to fireworks sales and displays.

Fireworks Vendors

Fireworks vendors are required to be licensed to sell fireworks in the City of Cape Coral through the State and must have purchasers complete a form as to the intended use of the fireworks. 


  • Permit must paid for and received and a fire inspection must be completed before opening for business.


  • Permit fee is $150 for one site and $125 for each additional site plus applicable fees.


Fireworks Display

A permit is required for an outdoor fireworks display.


  • Permit fee is $100 plus any after hours inspection fees.

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