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Insurance Services Office (ISO) is an independent company that analyzes the structural fire suppression delivery system provided in communities. A Public Protection Classification (PPC) number is determined based on the analysis, and insurance companies use PPC information to help establish fair premiums for homeowner and commercial fire insurance. Assuming all other factors are equal, the price of fire insurance is, in general, lower in communities with a good PPC than in those with a poor PPC. Public Protection Classification numbers range from 1 to 10. The highest rating a fire suppression program can receive is a Class 1. Programs with a Class 10 rating do not meet the ISO’s minimum criteria.


The Cape Coral Fire Department received a rating of Class 3 in 2008 and maintained that rating in 2015 and again in 2020. This puts the Cape Coral Fire Department in the top 5% of all ISO rated departments.

To view the letter in completion, please click on the image below. If you need accessibility assistance with the document, please call (239) 574-0501.

ISO Letter
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